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Krajina book

My debut work - the book The Land - both inside and out. It came unexpectedly, clear-clear, somewhere-something, and my fingers were already tapping and tapping on the keyboard, things were happening, I was writing the whole story. And illustrations inspired mainly by Slovak nature. It has 128 pages and is intended for booksellers, but also for young readers from about 10 years of age. In some ways, the lives of us all are the same. Stories of love, joy and sorrow have been repeated for centuries and millennia. Day replaces night, leaves the old world and a new one is born into it. Everything has its opposite, it seeks balance, everything is one whole, the cycle.

This book tells the story of Jarmila - a receptive woman - from childhood and first memories, through adolescence and maturity to the autumn of life. By gradually revealing the story, the reader can observe various stages of a person's life, he has the opportunity to empathize with the situation, to read the thoughts of the main character. At the same time, the author encourages her to observe her own life - to realize and accept responsibility for her own decisions and actions. The book is also a celebration of nature, a return to the roots, as well as respect for the tradition and heritage of common ancestors.