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Krajina book

My debut work - the book The Land - both inside and out. It came unexpectedly, clear-clear, somewhere-something, and my fingers were already tapping and tapping on the keyboard, things were happening, I was writing the whole story. And illustrations inspired mainly by Slovak nature. It has 128 pages... ‣‣‣

Painting book with memory game

This coloring book includes 12 separate sheets – pictures. Thus you can work and create with one image comfortably, so that the other images won’t become dirty or wet. You can put a finished piece into the frame for a memory  On the envelope you will also find favorite memory game, just when... ‣‣‣

Nezábudka a Divozel – Dovolenka ako sa patrí

Kniha pre deti z mojej ilustrátorskej dielne. Tentokrát je o veľmi aktuálnej téme - prírode a o dvoch súrodencoch - Nezábudky a Divozela. Tí sa vyberú na prázdniny k dedkovi a babke na dedinu a vďaka nim sa veľa dozvedia o prírode, ako sa k nej správať, ako ju chrániť. Jednoduchou... ‣‣‣