Lucia is a young artist focusing on watercolour illustration and pendrawing.

She studied graphic design in Kosice, Slovakia and art techniques (photography, animation, drawing, painting) in Radom, Poland. After practicing with various art expressions, styles, and materials, she now is working with watercolors and using their characteristic transparency combined with gentle pen lines to create her works.

She paints motives for adults and children as she is herself a mother. Lucia collaborates with writers and publishers to format her illustrations for book application.

Feel free to contact with us:
+421 907 332 362

Maľba na stenu – realizácie // Mural paintings

Realizácie rôznych motívov na stenu podľa požiadaviek a želania klientov. Maľby realizujem na západnom Slovensku, Morave, či v okolí Viedne. Prípadne podľa dohody. Orientačná cena cca 150 Eur plus cesta, závisí od detailnosti.

Mural paintings for various clients. Work I create in west Slovakia, Moravia or around Vienna in Austria. Other discussion is open. Price aproximetely 150 Eur + travel cost, depends on complexity.