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Illustrations for children's and adult books.

A collection of poems

  Romantic, artistic, ...but from life - this is the collection of poems by Marián Hlavatý, which I had the pleasure to illustrate. A big thank for this wonderful opportunity to mix "my" watercolor with a bit of surrealism! ‣‣‣

Colour book for the little ones

Colour book for small children to improve soft skills, 12 illustrations on 12 separate sheets. With memory card game. Format A4. ‣‣‣

Krajina book

My debut work - the book The Land - both inside and out. It came unexpectedly, clear-clear, somewhere-something, and my fingers were already tapping and tapping on the keyboard, things were happening, I was writing the whole story. And illustrations inspired mainly by Slovak nature. It has 128 pages... ‣‣‣

Three book illustrations

Collaboration with Karolina Draxlerova on her first book brought three illustrations. ‣‣‣

Super Slovaks

Cooperation with authors of the book Super Slovaks brought 10 illustrations of exceptional personalities of Slovakia. Technique: pendrawing and computer graphics. Released in 2021. ‣‣‣

Coloring book with memory cards - Zebra

Playfull pictures ready for you to color with memory card game. Just cut individual squares - pictures according to the indicated lines. The paintings contain 12 separate sheets - pictures. Moreover, with the first English words. Suitable and interesting for children from between 3 to 8 years.... ‣‣‣

Painting book with memory game

This coloring book includes 12 separate sheets – pictures. Thus you can work and create with one image comfortably, so that the other images won’t become dirty or wet. You can put a finished piece into the frame for a memory  On the envelope you will also find favorite memory game, just when... ‣‣‣

Nezábudka and Divozel – Childhood as it should be

A book for children from my atelier. This time it is about a very current topic - nature and about two siblings - Nezábudka and Divozel. They go on holiday to their grandfather and grandmother to the village and thanks to them they learn a lot about nature, how to treat it, how to protect it. In a... ‣‣‣

Nezábudka and Divozel - Holidays as it should be

  Free continuation of the story Nezábudky a Divozela - a book about two siblings who go on holiday to the sea with their parents.  On vacation, they find out what bothers the locals, which unnecessary objects lurk in the seas and what pollutes the oceans. They will learn how they can help... ‣‣‣

Book "When will we be there?"

The book in a soft cover, 40 pages, contains 10 short verses and 10 (educational) stories. In addition, a memory game with ten pictures. ‣‣‣